RPAS & Drone Enable 2018 Global Symposia Opens; Sichuan Brand "AOSSCI" Is Ready to Take-Off!

China, for the first time, becomes the winner of an international exhibition for global drone amateurs.

In September 10, 2018, the "RPAS & Drone Enable 2018 Global Symposia" held by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Sichuan Provincial People's Government opens in Chengdu. The Symposia has attracted famous entrepreneurs, experts of UAV flight standards and management, from 49 countries, to perform in-depth communication on UAV classification, standards, regulations and regulatory environment, providing strong support for the healthy and orderly development of global UAV industry.



About 600 People from 49 Countries Have Attended the Symposia

The RPAS & Drone Enable 2018 Global Symposia is hosted by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Foreign Affairs (Hong Kong and Macau) of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Chengdu People's Government, Civil Aviation Flight University of China and Sichuan Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. About 600 people, from International Civil Aviation Organization and its members, China Civil Aviation Administration, National Air Traffic Control Commission, international and domestic well-known UAV manufacturer and operators, research institutions, colleges and universities have attended the Symposia and exchanged views.



Sichuan Brand Ready to Take-Off

For UAV insiders and amateurs, the Symposia is also a high-tech feast.

During the Symposia, the UAV exhibition is held simultaneously, attracting more than 40 domestic well known manufacturers, such as Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute, Tengdun, AOSSCI and so on, displaying more than 70 UAV products. The X-series UAV platform of AOSSCI has attracted great attention on the spot.


The scientific achievements exhibited at the RPAS & Drone Enable 2018 Global Symposia represent the development direction led by the leading trend. Holding on to the strategic opportunity of high-end manufacturing and high-speed development of smart cities, AOSSCI is developing the advanced unmanned system technology, and climbing the peak of unmanned system technology continuously. Relying on its outstanding innovation ability and engineering technology experiences, AOSSCI keeps providing multiple industries, such as agriculture, forestry, security, ocean, water conservancy, power supply, petroleum, urban planning, land and resources and so on, with the most forward unmanned technological consultation and industry solutions.



Blue Sea of Industrial UAV Enterprises

December 2017

The National Air Traffic Control Commission has approved the pilot project of low-altitude airspace collaborative management in Sichuan. Sichuan has become the first province for pilot project of low-altitude airspace collaborative management in China.

June 2018

The establishment of Sichuan Low-Altitude Airspace Collaborative Management Commission and its office represents a key step and staged achievement for the pilot work of low-altitude airspace collaborative management in Sichuan.

After years of layout and development, Sichuan has gained unique national supremacy in industrial UAV, especially the R&D and manufacture of the middle and high-end UAV, and has formed a complete UAV industry chain. Sichuan has also clearly positioned the UAV industry as the new momentum for the sustained growth of Sichuan's aviation industry, and the new driver for the rapid development of general aviation industry.


As a great power in UAV production and application, China is adopting the management mode of industry management combined with social management. Through the Symposia, all parties have actively formed the UAV management system, to promote the continuous, healthy, professional and systematic development, as well as safe, effective and economic flight of global UAV systems.