"Code C" new UAV jointly promoted by Tengdun Technology and AOSSCI Technology stunningly appeared on China Air Show (Zhuhai)!

Sichuan Tengdun Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan AOSSCI Technology Co., Ltd.

"Code C--New Product Release"

Held in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province on November 6

On November 6, 2018, the 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition opened as scheduled in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. On the day of the opening ceremony, the new product release of TC UAV and XC UAV entitled "It's Time to Change" was held.



According to Dr. Guo Liang, executive chairman of THX UAV System Developer Alliance, the TC UAV is a general-type modular support UAV with a wingspan of 26m, a length of 14.5 m, a height of 4m, a maximum takeoff weight of 5600-7000kg, a ceiling of 9000m, a maximum flight time of 30h, and a maximum flight distance of 7000km. It can perform a variety of tasks such as logistics transportation, airdrop of materials, emergency networking communication, forest fire prevention and extinguishing, remote sensing mapping, and scientific testing.

The UAV continues to use dual-engine and redundancy design, which not only maintains strong power, but also enhances the power supply capability of load, so that the key application capabilities of the UAV, such as land and sea versatility, plateau take-off and landing capability, single-machine multi-mission adaptability and group network coordination, are improved as a whole. The highly modular design enables the UAV platform to accommodate different mission loads and engines to meet different operating environments and diverse mission requirements.


Meanwhile, the X-Chimera (referred to as "XC"), which debuted at the Farnborough Air Show (UK) in July, was officially unveiled at home today. Designed as the same dual-fuselage with TC, XC is a pure electric VTOL UAV with the largest load ratio in China. It is equipped with high performance mission computer that cooperated with flight control computer to greatly improve the processing capacity of complex tasks, and has powerful airborne processing performance with multiple loads.

With composite material technology and wing-fuselage fusion design, XC not only achieves excellent aerodynamic performance, but also provides ample space for load, and intelligently identified multiple load equipment at the same time. With simple switching, XC can continuously complete different missions, which realizes multi-purpose and multi-function of one machine. The entire system can be carried by a single SUV, and two people can complete pre-flight preparations or disassembly within 10 min without any tool. And it has a number of features such as quick response and flexible deployment.


According to reports, Tengdun Technology and AOSSCI Technology have, around the UAV and the intelligent industry, planned and established an intelligent aircraft industry cluster integrating frontier exploration, product development, assembly manufacturing, operational services and pilot training, and have successively promoted various high-end fixed-wing and rotor UAVs, such as TA, TB, HA, HB, X-Swift and X-Chimera. These products have successfully completed the test flight and actual combat training tasks in civil and military fields such as remote command, reconnaissance and monitoring, intelligence analysis, ground attack, as well as emergency delivery, networking communications, forest fire prevention and flight test.

From five models developed in two years to seven models developed in three years, as the THX UAV industry alliance, Tengdun Technology and AOSSCI Technology have maintained a very high speed of UAV research & development, manufacturing and innovation. This not only comes from the continuous innovation in capital, technology and management, but also benefits from the excellent environment of civil-military integration reform and innovation, the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy and the implementation of preferential policies for private enterprises in Chengdu, Sichuan and the nation.


It has been revealed that as practitioners and beneficiaries of the national strategy of civil-military integration and innovation-driven development, THX UAV Industry Alliance will continue to give full play to the industry advantages of the private "overall unit", join hands with domestic counterparts to build intelligent industry value network and business ecological environment, devote to exploring the development mode under the new normal state of civil-military integration, and strive to become an excellent creator and excellent operator of "Let Intelligence Do Everything", and will explore the future development of intelligent technology with investors, partners and suppliers, and jointly achieve an immortal legend of intelligent flight!