The 9th China Surveying Mapping and Geoinformation Technology Equipment Expo

October 15th-17th, 2019, “The 9th China Surveying Mapping and Geoinformation Technology Equipment Expo” was held in Nanjing,Jiangsu province.


The Expo covered the latest technologies and equipment such as hardware and software, system integration and solutions, etc.


The Expo lasted for three days, with an exhibition area of 25000 square meters, over 30000 visitors, 3000 conference delegates, nearly 100 important leading guests and more than 20 academicians.


As a professional UAV aerial mapping enterprise, AOSSCI was invited to participate in this Expo, and exhibited the long endurance X-Chimera UAV, various payloads (oblique camera, lidar, EO, orthographic camera) and brought its users-oriented aerial mapping solutions, which attracted the attention of the audience and the industry.

The X-Chimera is an electric VTOL UAV, which combines the advantages of fixed-wing and multi-rotor. It has long endurance and strong payload capacity.



The X-Chimera UAV, equipped with intelligent flight management computer, has strong operation capability and serves various industries in depth.


Payloads by X-Chimera

X-Chimera is also a kind of electric UAV which can carry a 1350m range lidar and reach a 2-hour range. It can play an important role in the actual mapping.


With lidar, X-Chimera can be applied in:

1.   Large area, and high-precision (1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000) mapping tasks, especially in mountainous vegetation coverage areas;

2.     Emergency monitoring, emergency rescue and warning;

3.   Forest parameter extraction, road network acquisition, high-precision terrain production, house building modeling, coastline mapping, land and resources survey, engineering survey, power line patrol, and disaster assessment.

With lidar, X-Chimera can finish the following tasks:

1.     Remove vegetation and obtain surface elevation points;

2.     Building and road modeling;

3.     1:500 mapping precision;

4.     Be able to work in severe areas (large height difference, poor light, cloud cover, shadow cover, etc.);

5.     Perfect insurance, and economical maintenance cost;

6.     The result of post-processing software conforms to the national mapping specification.