AOSSCI UAV won Industrial Design Award in Chengdu Creativity & Design Week

On November 8-11, 2019, the 6th Creativity & Design Week was held in Chengdu. AOSSCI X-Chimera UAV and X-Swift UAV, with innovative industrial design and excellent performance advantages, stood out from a large number of products, and won "Industrial Creative Design · Silver Award" and " Industrial Creative Design · Finalist " respectively, which is also the highest award of aircraft so far.


As the cornerstone of scientific and technological innovation, industrial design can drive the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.


Chengdu Creativity & Design Week is the largest and highest standard creative design industry event in Central and Western China. It is also an important cooperation platform for international exchanges in the field of industrial design.

Many great designers attended the Creativity & Design Week, and shared innovative technologies and industry insights on the spot. Many excellent industrial products were also exhibited on site, which comprehensively showed the future technologies.

Among them, the X-Chimera UAV, which won the "Industrial Creative Design · Silver Award", received the unanimous praise of leaders, judges and audiences for its excellent industrial design and customized industrial solutions.


Innovative design, Excellent performance

X-Chimera UAV has beautiful appearance and excellent aerodynamic performance. It has the following obvious advantages:

  • Strong reliability: The whole aircraft is made of aviation carbon fiber composite materials and aluminum alloys. The fuselage is light and solid, and has high reliability.

  • Quick disassembly and assembly: All structural components can be quickly disassembled and replaced due to its innovative "modular" design.

  • Multiple functions: The wing-fuselage integration design enables X-Chimera UAV to carry a variety of payloads such as Phase One camera, high-precision lidar, oblique camera and EO pod on demand, so as to truly meet the professional needs of various users.

  • Enhanced adaptability: X-Chimera has strong environmental adaptability and can work under different extreme climate conditions.

The award is another affirmation by industry experts of AOSSCI’s industrial design level and scientific research ability. In the future, AOSSCI will continue to improve the innovation and manufacturing level of UAV industry.