AOSSCI UAV participated in an emergency drill

On January 4, 2020, a pipeline leakage occurred in a factory of Longquanyi District, Chengdu City. Five people were poisoned and fainted, and the secondary fire in adjacent community occurred, and more than 20 people were trapped. In fact, this "accident" was an emergency drill for the leakage and explosion of dangerous chemicals and the fire accident of high buildings.


More than 30 government departments and relevant enterprises, including AOSSCI Technology and more than 10 emergency teams participated this emergency drill.

Without informing the time, place and content of the drill in advance, the ability of all emergency forces to coordinate and link and the actual emergency response can be tested through on-site drill.


After receiving the instructions, AOSSCI responded quickly and dispatched X-Swift UAV to arrive at the scene as soon as possible. X-Swift transmitted HD images to the command center in real-time, providing accurate and reliable basis for command and rescue decision-making.X-Swift UAV was highly praised for its excellent product performance, rapid response and excellent environmental adaptability.

Excellent performance, fast response

In recent years, UAV enterprises, represented by AOSSCI, have been breaking through the limitations of traditional emergency rescue and playing an increasingly important role in the modernization of emergency rescue.


AOSSCI X-Swift is an electric VTOL fixed-wing UAV. It combines the advantages of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor, which can take off quickly in a narrow space without a runway, and has the characteristics of long endurance (120min-150min), large range(mission radius:15-40km), fast speed (economical cruising speed: 72km / h), and strong environmental adaptability (max. altitude of take-off and landing: 4500m, service ceiling: 6000m). It can deal with various complex rescue situations decisively and accurately, and provide scientific and powerful basis for emergency rescue.


Rich experience, successful cases

AOSSCI has rich industry experience and successful cases. Its X-Chimera UAV and X-Swift UAV have cooperated with relevant departments for emergency rescue for many times and successively participate in earthquake area mapping in Changning of Yibin, medicine delivery in Dayi of Chengdu, debris flow rescue in Ganluo of Liangshan, disaster relief in Jiguan Mountain of Chongzhou, earthquake relief in Neijiang of Sichuan, etc. In addition, the company is awarded the honor of "Chengdu UAV support team for emergencies".